Affirmations for Keeping Calm during Tense Times:


Conquer Stress and Anxiety with 365 Powerful Affirmation for Self Esteem, Motivation and Overcoming Uncertainty


Written by Camille Watts


Narrated by Briana Johnson

Voice Narrations

Briana's voice style has been described as:
confident, genuine, authentic, caring, mysterious, mature, wise, alluring,
​inviting, calming, seductive, nurturing, intelligent, playful, informative, and powerful.

Briana has worked in voice acting since 2018 and began narrating audiobooks in 2020. These books are listed below and can be found on Audible and Amazon.

Due to her busy schedule, Briana doesn't actively seek voice work at this time, but if you believe you have a project or event where her voice talents would shine, please email her directly at

Additional voice samplings available upon request.

Midwest Foraging


115 Wild and Flavorful Edibles ​From Burdock to Wild Peach


Written by Lisa M. Rose


Narrated by Briana Johnson

Underdog Advocate, Certified Herbalist, Podcaster, Chaplain, Real Estate Agent

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