Ending Homelessness

Briana knows, all too well, what it's like to go to bed hungry, to not have a roof over your head, and to wonder if her children will survive in such poor conditions.  It is for these reasons, among so many others, that she has chosen to be an underdog advocate, and take an active stance against poverty and the civil injustice that creates the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'.

Briana speaks openly about poverty and the systemic issues that not only created a system that forces us to compete for survival, but also the politics that keep such a system in place.  You can find these topics and much more on her weekly podcast.

Additionally, Briana holds a seat on the board of directors for The Kitchen Inc., a non-profit organization who strives to end the homeless epidemic in the Springfield, Missouri area.  

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Underdog Advocate, Certified Herbalist, Podcaster, Chaplain, Real Estate Agent

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