About Briana Johnson

Briana Johnson is the living definition and physical representation of a survivor. She has overcome childhood abuse, spousal abuse, divorce, health challenges, poverty and homelessness.  Today she stands as a testimony that in spite of how many lemons life has thrown your way, you can enjoy a future overflowing with champagne glasses of lemonade. Briana has been defined as a champion for the underdog, a defender of the under-served, a guardian for the impoverished, a voice for women’s rights and an advocate for equality.  A believer that, “all things are possible,” Briana relishes every opportunity to inspire others to discover, own and confront their personal truths and channel them into purposeful energy to thrive in today's ever-changing world.  Briana believes that true change can only occur when we address the root source (of our own programming), which governs our individual belief systems and behaviors.

Briana is the owner and operator of the Bahati Tea Company, a gourmet, loose leaf tea distribution company based in Missouri.  As a certified herbalist, Briana is a specialist in the healing properties of plants, alternative methods of healing and natural forms of medication, which offer natural alternatives to modern medicine.  

Ms. Johnson is also the hostess of a very successful podcast named Own Your Truth which airs in 16 countries and on 9 different platforms. Through her willingness to be candid about events in her own life, she is able to share insights that help herself and others to undo the systemic programming that has lead to a multitude of disconnects in our present global society.  She helps people cultivate a healthy balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellness, often incorporating lifestyle changes and practices that help us lead better lives, all while addressing the most difficult subjects. 


As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Briana believes that all love is precious and deserves to be honored and celebrated.  As a ordained minister she is able to offer relationship counseling, handfasting and officiant services to those who may otherwise have difficulty performing these sacred rituals. Briana celebrates polyamory in her own life and embraces the rights of others to live and love as they choose.


Briana's experiences with poverty and homelessness led her to a life of advocacy for those in need. She addresses much of this topic in her podcast but also sits on the Board of Trustees for The Kitchen Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to end homelessness.

Voice acting has recently become a great joy to Briana, taking on audiobook narrations, commercials, motivational audio, hypnotic audio, meditation audio, and even video voiceovers. She enjoys the work and hopes to eventually branch out into animation, foreign films, and video games.
Briana currently lives in Missouri, where she is an active real estate agent, all while raising four wonderful, talented, and successful young men.


If you feel that Briana may be an asset to your current or future projects, you may contact her via her email address, IamBrianaJohnson@gmail.com. 

Underdog Advocate, Certified Herbalist, Podcaster, Chaplain, Real Estate Agent

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